Hwy 32 Crash Kills Orland Driver and Magalia Passenger

The CHP is releasing more details about a fatal Glenn County collision on Highway 32. An 18 year old Orland driver and a 88 year old Magalia woman were killed in Monday’s accident. The CHP says Tracy Khamorn lost control after passing traffic and collided with another vehicle. Officers say Khamorn and 88 year old Elizabeth Bower died at the scene. The CHP says 18 year old Robert Thammavong suffered a broken neck. Two other people suffered minor injuries. The 2 vehicle wreck shut down the highway for about an hour.


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  1. My husband, our 3 year old grandson, and I witnessed the immediate aftermath of the accident Monday mornig, seeing the 18 year old driver obviously unconcious behind the wheel and the front passenger being comforted before ambulances arrived. Now I know the other car, knocked onto it’s side and off the road had the 88 year old innocent woman dead in it. We did not know at the time that anyone had died but the driver, who my grandson saw, looked lifeless and bloody- and he said he was scared. We prayed for the souls of the victiims and the person responsible for this senseless inhumane loss of life. We also prayed for all who had to evade the impending accident and the immediate aftermath as well as all who tried to help. All there should have been horrified because of the needless gory loss of life. My husband and I pray when ever we leave Orland for Chico on Hwy 32 because of the frequency with which we see people tailgating, passing against the yellow line/s, speeding, and passing when unsafe, period. Yesterday, we felt devestated, frightened, and depressed at the idea that Hwy 32 is so unsafe– we are angry at the CHP’s almost complete LACK of presence at all on this highway and when they are present, they are sitting on the side of the road while we witness speeders, swerving cars, and other unsafe driving- short-staffed coverage by the CHP is no excuse nor is their parked presence while illegal driving passes right in front of them. We are begging God to bless this roadway with safety- clearly unsafe drivers and complacent CHP aren’t changing their ways- God is the answer. We are deeply sorry for all who had to witness yesterday’s preventable accident and all family members involved! with the driver at fault and all the other victims.

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