Congressman Herger Announces Retirement

WASHINGTON (AP) – Northern Congressman Wally Herger says he will not seek re-election. The 66-year-old Herger said he will retire after finishing out his 13th term. He is a senior member of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee and is a staunch conservative who has been highly critical of the Democratic-led overhaul of health care. Herger endorsed Republican state Sen. Doug LaMalfa to succeed him. Herger described LaMalfa as a conservative who fully understands and appreciates the district’s economy, which revolves around agriculture, timber and tourism. Herger says he wants to spend more time with his 11 grandchildren before they grow up.

Meanwhile, a Northstate Democrat who came as close as anybody against Wally Herger in elections and has an eye on the seat this time around says he was not expecting Herger to announce his retirement.  Jim Reed tells KPAY not running against an incumbent would typically be a “favorable development,” but with strong voter dissatisfaction with Congress, he’s not sure what Herger’s retirement will mean for his campaign.


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