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911 call reveals frantic efforts to help Moore

LOS ANGELES (AP) — A 911 recording revealed frantic efforts by friends of Demi Moore to get help for the actress who was convulsing as they gathered around her and tried to comfort her. Moore was “semi-conscious, barely,” according to a female caller on the recording released Friday by Los Angeles fire officials. The woman tells emergency operators that Moore, 49, had smoked something before she was rushed to the hospital on Monday night and that she had been “having issues lately.” “Is she breathing normal?” the operator asks. “No, not so normal. More kind of shaking, convulsing, burning up,” the friend says as she hurries to Moore’s side, on the edge of panic. Another woman is next to Moore as the dispatcher asks if she’s responsive. “Demi, can you hear me?” she asks. “Yes, she’s squeezing hands. … She can’t speak.” When the operator asks what Moore ingested or smoked, the friend replies, but the answer was redacted. Asked if Moore took the substance intentionally or not, the woman says Moore ingested it on purpose but the reaction was accidental. “Whatever she took, make sure you have it out for the paramedics,” the operator says. The operator asks the friend if this has happened before. “I don’t know,” she says. “There’s been some stuff recently that we’re all just finding out.” Moore’s publicist, Carrie Gordon, said previously that the actress sought professional help to treat her exhaustion and improve her health. She would not comment further on the emergency call or provide details about the nature or location of Moore’s treatment. read more


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