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Occupy Protesters Focus on Foreclosure Practices in Butte County

Several Butte County offices were the sight of protests Monday by ‘Occupy’ advocates who wanted to make sure the District Attorney and Clerk Recorder were doing all they could to crack down on fraud and questionable practices in the housing business. District Attorney Mike Ramsey says Butte was one of 58 counties being picketed. He says people want him to be vigilant in dealing with things like robo signing and what’s called “dual track” foreclosures–where people make good faith efforts with their banks and foreclosure companies come in at the same time and try to evict people from their homes.


2 Responses

  1. I never saw any of these non productive occupier protestors around the County buildings on Monday. Were they wearing camoflouage? If they want to do something productive, they should find a job.

  2. I learned that the Occupy movement’s leaders are receiving big bucks from the unions to organize these protests. In this way the unions can stir up trouble while staying in the background. I wonder if the dummies out there holding signs are getting much if any of those monies?
    I don’t believe they give a rat’s ass about the foreclosures in Butte County, they just need a another cause to make some noise to get the money. Like Pavov’s dogs they salivate when the bell goes ding ding.

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