CA Gov. Defends Tax Initiative

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – Gov. Jerry Brown is defending his characterization of his tax initiative as primarily benefiting schools despite criticism from the backer of a rival tax proposal that he is distorting its benefits. Los Angeles attorney Molly Munger told The Associated Press last week that Brown is being untruthful in saying most of the money from his initiative will go to schools. She says she started running TV commercials about her initiative to “get the truth out.” Brown said Wednesday that he is telling the truth. “The tax goes to schools,” he told reporters after speaking to a gathering of law enforcement leaders. His proposed initiative would help bridge the state’s budget deficit, provide money for local law enforcement and prevent deeper cuts to education and other services.


One Response

  1. Money from the Governor’s CFT hybrid tax will not help schools. In fact, he just the other day won a court battle that allows the $2billion he cut from education last year to be a permanent cut — in that he can now shift money out of the general fund that provides for public schools whenever he wants. He says the money from his tax is for schools up front so he can look sympathetic, but behind the trap door he is already siphoning more money away.

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