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Update: Butte County Election Results

Butte County voters won’t have final results from Tuesday’s primary for days, as the county election’s department still needs to count vote-by-mail ballots. But as of election night, 55 percent of voters were opposed to Measure A, the county’s medical marijuana ordinance that was the focus of a referendum. In other local races, State Senator Doug LaMalfa was leading with 37 percent of the vote in the 1st Congressional District. Democrat Jim Reed had 25 percent of the vote and Republican Sam Aanestad had 14 percent. In the race for State Assembly District 3, Assemblyman Dan Logue led Charles Rouse and Bob Williams with more than 41 percent of the vote. For 1st District Supervisor in Butte County, Bill Connelly has received 67 percent of the vote, compared to 32 percent for Virgle Gage. And for 5th District Supervisor, Joe Di Duca received 40 percent of the vote, followed by Doug Teeter with 25 percent.

LOS ANGELES (AP) – California voters have approved a tweak to term limits that supporters say will promote consistency and reduce the influence of lobbyists. Proposition 28 will limit lawmakers to 12 years, but allow them to spend that time in one house or a combination in both houses of the state Legislature. The measure had about two-thirds support with more than 2 million votes cast Tuesday night. Currently, lawmakers can serve up to three two-year terms in the Assembly and two four-year terms in the Senate, for a total of 14 years.

WASHINGTON (AP) – Mitt Romney has won the California Republican presidential primary, completing a sweep of contests in five states. Romney also won presidential primaries Tuesday in New Jersey, South Dakota, New Mexico and Montana. The victories add to a delegate total that already exceeds the number needed to win the nomination.

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (AP) – A high-profile California cigarette tax initiative backed by cycling legend Lance Armstrong that once seemed like a sure thing is teetering on the brink of defeat after a $50 million campaign backed by Big Tobacco. The race is too close to call, with millions of votes still to be counted. It could be days or longer before a winner is declared.

LOS ANGELES (AP) – Preliminary returns show every U.S. House member on the California ballot easily advanced to a November runoff, weathering election changes intended to open the way for more competition. The primary election sets the stage for congressional races in the fall that are certain to produce new faces in nine open seats – and probably more Democrats. But there was no big shakeup.


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