Man Charged with Running Down Rival Expected in Butte County Court Today

A Chico gang member is expected in court today on charges of assault with a deadly weapon for allegedly running down another suspected gang member in May. 20 year old Jose Michel also faces charges of hit and run for allegedly hitting two cars after running down the gang member. District Attorney Mike Ramsey says authorities are still looking for the car.  Ramsey says Michel also faces a potential toxic dumping charge for abandoning the vehicle. He is looking at 11 years in prison if convicted on the charges.


One Response

  1. This is not true!. I was in the car with Jose Michel and that is not how the incident happened. That is also false that it was because of “gang” relation. He did what he had to do to protect himself and me from getting hit with sticks. Now tell me this, if you were in his position would you stay put while two men are trying to break into the car with sticks or would you try and protect yourself as well as your girlfriend and take off.
    Personally I feel he made the right decision and he saved both of our lives.

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