Mill Fire Close to Containment in Colusa County

A blaze burning in Colusa County for nearly two weeks could be contained today. As of Tuesday night, the Mill Fire in the Mendocino National Forest had burned more than 29 thousand acres and was 90 percent contained. The blaze destroyed 5 outbuildings. So far, federal officials say it has cost more than 13 million dollars to battle the Mill Fire.

Meanwhile, the Colusa County town of Stonyford has 10 times as many people as normal recently because of the Mill Fire. The fire has brought more than 16 hundred firefighters who have their base of operations in the Stonyford Rodeo Grounds. Michelle Puckett with the Bureau of Land Management says overnight it became a small town.  She says the first task is for managers to determine the “type” of fire they’re facing. In this case, the Mill Fire is deemed a “Type 2” fire, which is one grade below the worst “Type 1” Fire. She says a team of contractors then make arrangements for everything from food to communications trailers, and many firefighters on their time off will often buy local, which in this case is items from the city of Willows.


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